Apple Blossom Brooch


RW Service - Courage.

Today I opened wide my eyes,
And stared with wonder and surprise,
To see beneath November skies
An apple blossom peer;
Upon a branch as bleak as night
It gleamed exultant on my sight,
A fairy beacon burning bright
Of hope and cheer.
"Alas!" said I, "poor foolish thing,
Have you mistaken this for Spring?
Behold, the thrush has taken wing,
And Winter's near."
Serene it seemed to lift its head:
"The Winter's wrath I do not dread,
Because I am," it proudly said,
"A Pioneer."

I often wear my charming Apple Blossom brooch as it sets off my jacket nicely. I have highlighted each individual petal with bright 22ct Vermeil Gold or, if you prefer choose the blue grey oxidised finish highlighting the detail in the centre of each flower. The oxidisation processes add depth and texture creating a unique finish to every piece.