Jewellery Sizing Guide

Jewellery sizing guide



For the best ring size accuracy you must have your finger measured and I recommend a visit to any High Street Jeweller who will not charge for this type of service. 

Try to visit when your hands are neither too hot or cold for the most accurate measurement as temperature will affect your finger size.

Buying a ring as a gift and dont know the correct size.  A solution– but not always the easiest is to borrow a ring (from the correct finger) and take it to a jewellers to be measured. 

Give us a call if you are still not sure and we can guide you as we have over 15 years of experience.


I hand make my carved bangles and require two measurements to gauge what size you require. Form your hand as if about to put on a bangle, that is palm facing and slightly curved inwards with thumb angled towards the little finger. Then measure the distance across your knuckles in a straight line and from your index finger knuckle to your thumb knuckle. 


Chain Bracelets

Generally these are an average 7 1/2 (40cm) in length. Please mail me if you require a different size and I will be happy to make those changes.



Are normally 16” and 18 lengths.  My longer chains can go to 42”. If you would prefer longer or shorter length please mail me with your requirements. 



I have made a solid silver ball and post that will neatly accommodate a double cuff. 



I offer a complimentary re-sizing service on my rings. They can be re-sized once or twice free of charge. If you need a different size just pop the ring back in the post (We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery) and I will adjust and return it.

Where it is not possible to resize in the traditional manner (for example pearl rings generally cannot be resized) and where it is not possible to exchange (if the ring is bespoke) I will advise you of the options and costs. For all of our re-sizing work we use a laser so you can be assured of a completely invisible join, with no solder added or other impurities. Just a perfectly sized ring!