Apple Blossom Bracelet


I first designed an apple blossom bracelet as a delicate fine piece that looked lovely if you could get on, so last year I revisited it with an idea that I can use a similar bracelet to my acorn. It’s an open, unhinged, beautiful arts and crafts inspired design incorporating a my lovely apple blossom flowers . To accentuate the detail Tim vermeil plates the flowers in 22ct yellow gold or oxidises for a blue grey finish. The oxidisation processes add depth and texture creating a unique finish to every piece.

The Technical Bit

Beautiful Apple Blossom Bracelet measures from 5.2cm deep and 6cm across the wrist. Weighing 17.4g is available in oxidised Silver or 22ct vermeil Gold. I have made it open backed to make it easy to slip around the wrist rather than over the hand.